Carla Kimball 

Norwich, VT 

Carla has long known the value of the arts to expand people’s awareness. As a long time practitioner of the contemplative arts (meditation, tai chi, yoga), an expressive therapist by training, a facilitator of group experience, and a photographer of ordinary things, Carla has experienced the power of photography to quiet the mind.

In January, 2009, Carla began a daily photo blog not only as a vehicle for sharing her photographs, but also as a venue in which to practice crafting good questions (each blog post has a photo and a question). After more than five years of this daily practice, she cultivated an eye for the wondrous in the ordinary and the ability to find the unique mystery in an image that leads to conversation and deep thought through her questions

Carla has photos in the permanent collections of Dartmouth Hitchcock Medical Center and Northern Stage.  She has exhibited widely and often in the Upper Valley.