Janai Planck, aka Moxee

Corinth, Vermont

I am a Washington State native who spent the first half of my life not realizing that my heart belonged in-and-to Vermont, and that I would never be truly at peace until my body was here as well.

My husband, Dean and I bought a home, sight-unseen, in the midst of a global pandemic, with the hope of living a safer, more peaceful life in a rural Vermont village. The breathtaking Vermont countryside inspires me daily to transpose this natural beauty to canvas, so that everyone may see what my heart feels in this magical place.

I’ve always had a strong connection with color and texture, but I didn’t really find my way to paints until my early 50’s. I spent many years creating floral arrangements from the spoils of our glorious flower and vegetable garden, and dabbling in design and home decor before eventually delving into resin art and woodworking. When temperatures turned too unforgiving for resin, I decided to try abstract acrylic painting, and this is where my creative passions remain.

I consider myself to be more alchemist than artist, as my technique depends on the mastery of fluid control and chemical composition. Controlling the ebb and flow of gloriously pigmented liquids both challenges me and stimulates my imagination. Some days I bend my paints to my will, and some days the paint becomes the victor. Either way, the results are vibrant and alluring.

In addition to my love of the great outdoors, I derive much inspiration from music and time spent with my family. I have two adult children, one close by in Vermont, and one too far away in Washington State. My heart will only truly sing once we all reside again on the same coast.