Sofia Laishram

North Hartland, VT 

My name is Sofia Laishram from North Hartland, Vermont. My love for art has existed since I was a child. Growing up in India, however, my parents were not supportive of my passion. In order to be able to draw and paint, I took up a degree in Botany, which also offered a course in Floriculture. That is where my love for flowers began.

After my graduation, I became a self-taught artist. This was back in March of 2018. I met my now husband back in June of 2018. With his love and support, I was able to become the artist I am today and also get my parents to accept my passion for art.

I started out with graphite and charcoal, then proceeded with colored pencils. Watercolor had always fascinated me, so in January of 2020 I decided to focus on it as my main medium. Currently I am also exploring acrylics. My main subject of painting is floras. I also paint fauna, especially birds.