Allison Korn

I am a metal clay artist and metal-smith from Brattleboro who handcrafts silver jewelry made from reclaimed silver. My designs are inspired by nature, poetry, and people’s stories of resilience. I combine metal clay techniques with traditional metal-smithing techniques to create wearable pieces of art. My intention is to empower, connect, and heal by creating jewelry that reflects our shared humanity and connection to each other and to this earth. I began creating silver jewelry nine years ago, when I moved to Brattleboro with my husband and two children from Ecuador, where we lived for 10 years. My jewelry-making career began out of a deep need to dedicate myself to living my creativity, after feeling stuck in academia where I was studying anthropology. Jewelry making is a way for me to express my authentic self through creativity, while giving others meaningful pieces that help them on their own paths. When I began, I worked exclusively with metal clay, but in the past few years I have shifted more toward traditional metal-smithing. I love hiking the mountains of Vermont and am always finding ways to learn new techniques that stretch my creativity. I sell my work in galleries, online, at the local Brattleboro Farmers Market, and at various art shows. I am a juried member of Vermont Handcrafters and The League of New Hampshire Craftsmen.