Bill Brown

Hartland, VT

I began my woodworking career, at the early age of 4, by pounding nails into a board and calling it my buggy (even though it had no wheels!).  I was so happy when my dad gave me wheels from an old lawnmower to put under my buggy. I was always following my grandfather, Oscar, and other builders to watch and learn.

In my twenties I cut back on woodworking and began a 47-year career in Dental Lab Technology making crowns and bridges for dentists. 

Over the years, in my spare time, I made small projects and outfitted my shop so I could get back into some serious woodworking. 

I have made many projects, big and small, from furniture to winning Soap Box Derby cars and boats that float. The latest being a 19 ft. mahogany, inboard, motorboat using plans from Glen-L Marine Designs. My boat was featured in Wooden Boat magazine, December 2018, Number 265. 

My goal now is to do less work with porcelain & gold and concentrate on my first love, woodworking.