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Woody Jackson



Woody Jackson, Middlebury, VT

Medium: Gouache painting and mixed media, high quality giclée prints.

"All my artwork has always been inspired by the land, from apple orchards, vegetables gardens, New Mexico deserts, dairy farms, and even the New York City waterfront. The land in turn is changed and inspired by time and the seasons. The light is different through the day and month to month.As I write this, it's the first day of summer, and nature is luxuriant with greens and slashes of color of flowers blooming. But it's not just the visual but the sounds and smells of the seasons that propel us forward or back into revery. The lilacs, the peonies and now the roses fill the air, the birds wake us and the wind rushes through the leaves. It's a multimedia symphony of sensations. I love every month and its music. My...[artwork]... celebrates both from the perspective of the dairy cows of Vermont. They provide us with the beautiful landscapes of our farms and the architecture of our barns, not to mention the rich cream, milk and cheese. The farmers are at the mercy of the weather and the seasons that nature gives us. I hope that nature is bountiful for us all in the coming year, and that your days are full and cherished. May the cows be with you."

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